Tuesday, 21 April 2015


When you slightly doubt about your or his love, maybe there's still time to try again. When you feel the love is gone in your or his heart, maybe that's the moment to pack your things.

I can not tell which one is mine.

After exact three years, because yesterday was our third anniversary together, I can feel something is leaving us, I'm afraid to tell it's our love which is leaving, but maybe yes, it's time to make a decision for both of us.

I'm so confused since I never doubt we'd be together for the rest of our lives, that's why I quit my previous job and moved on to settle myself.

Now everthing is so unclear. There's a black cloud on the path where I could see the end of it before, now I'm not even able to tell if I'm still on the same path.

Be calm, I was always alone before I met him. It's been only three years of my life. Have a clear thought and take all the necessary time to think about it.

What I really afraid about is, I won't be able to start another relationship because I reallized I'm a terrible person and of course not good enough to be with another.

If only all this was a dream..

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